Wem Sweet Pea Show

Wem Sweet Pea Show is a weekend long celebration of the delicate and beautifully perfumed flowers that are Sweet Peas.  Wem is synonymous with Sweet peas thanks to one Henry Eckford, a horticulturist originally from Scotland who then settled in Wem in the 1800’s.  Henry worked steadfastly to cultivate new varieties of Sweet Peas and by the end of his lifetime he had created more than 200 different varieties of Sweet Pea and he is deservedly referred to as ‘The Father of the Sweet Pea.’

Wem’s Sweet Pea Show, in particular, celebrates the Old Fashioned Sweet Pea varieties and devotes an entire class division to Old Fashioned pre 1910 blooms.

In 2023 The Wem Sweet Pea Show will take place on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th July.

A Sweet Pea Open Evening will be held at Wem Town Hall Tuesday 11th October 2022 at 7.30pm for anyone interested in displaying sweet peas for the first time or interested in being a part of the 2023 show.  Learn when to sow and helpful hints to growing your own sweet peas.  Some free seed will be available on the evening.

For more information on the Wem Sweet Pea Show please email: info@wemtownhall.co.uk or call 01939 232299
Show Manager:  Rose Horner

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