Wem Town Hall Staff

Our friendly and creative team are on hand to meet your needs for cinema bookings, events and venue hire and gallery exhibitions.

Our customer-focused, community-led attitude gives us the edge when meeting your event needs.

Rose Horner – Director
E: rose@wemtownhall.co.uk P: 01939 238275
To be contacted for Film, Event, Theatre and Music programming enquiries along with External Funding,  Weekly Market, Building Maintenance and all other Company Matters.

Sarah Zacharek –  Associate Director & Project Manager, Wem into Work Scheme
E: sarah@wemtownhall.co.uk P: 01939 232299
To be contacted for Company Finance, Wem into Work Scheme, Building Maintenance, External Funding and other Company Matters.

Adam Knight – Project Co-ordinator 
E: adam@wemtownhall.co.uk P: 01939 238 271
To be contacted for help looking for employment through our Wem Into Work Scheme.

Fay Nye – Marketing & Administration
E: fay@wemtownhall.co.uk P: 01939 238277
To be contacted for Volunteering enquiries, Room Hire, Weekly and Seasonal Market stalls, Gallery Exhibitions and Display Cabinets.

Emma Jones – Programming and Marketing Assistant
E: emmab@wemtownhall.co.uk P: 01939 238278
To be contacted for Film, Event, Theatre and Music programming enquiries and marketing enquiries including social media contributions.

Pam King – Cafe Manager
E: pam@wemtownhall.co.uk P: 01939 238270
To be contacted for any Cafe & Catering enquires.

Sue Gainsborough –  Consultant
E: sue@mediaactive.org P: 01939 238276
Sue Gainsborough has worked closely with the trust and took a lead in the development of Wem Town Hall, becoming director for 5 years until 2014.
Sue now heads up MediaActive, a creative social enterprise based in the building and continues to offer support and guidance to Wem Town Hall.


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