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MediaActive works with local people, organisations and creative practitioners to co-design and produce an innovative programme of special projects, commissions, events and exhibitions. Our programme seeks to embrace contemporary practice and the creative use of technology, to inspire and enrich the lives of both our audiences and project participants.

Our work is supported through an associates scheme, and we host a thriving volunteer and work experience programme.

Contemporary Creative  Inclusive  Innovative  Community  Rural

Based in North Shropshire, community routed whilst connected to national initiatives, MediaActive is a social enterprise, delivering a range of services, products and projects including: film and digital media production, print design, digital arts training, mentoring, and arts consultancy. We have extensive experience and expertise in working to commission and in working with people and agencies on ambitious creative projects and strategic cultural developments.

MediaActive is a member of Culture Consortium Shropshire

Have a look at our Current Projects’ pages to see some of the creative work we do:

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