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WTH wants you to be its Friend!

Our recently revamped Friends scheme now offers more benefits than ever!

Friends subscriptions are an important source of income for Wem Town Hall Community Trust, your local charity. Your support as a Friend plays a vital role in the continuing development and success of Wem Town Hall, and in return for your loyal support you can enjoy:

. Discounts for selected live performances
. Discounts for weekly cinema
. The flexibility to transfer standard cinema tickets to a different screening if you find yourself unable to attend
. Exclusive ‘Friends’ Only’ events
. Invitations to Exhibition Private Previews
. News Updates
. Opportunity to influence the programme

Why do we want new Friends?
Wem Town Hall Community Trust was set up in 2006 by local people who sought to re-open the town building as a vibrant centre, for the benefit of the local community and local economy.

The Trust has worked tirelessly, with the support of volunteers and partner organisations, and in 2009 we took over the lease and successfully re-opened Wem Town Hall. Today, the lively town centre venue is well used and well regarded by locals and visitors alike, yet still, we need to do more to make sure the venue has a sustainable future.

In 2009 we achieved investment for the refurbishment, and in return we agreed to create local jobs, local services and local training opportunities. Today, the venue hosts a wealth of events and activities, is hired by local people, groups, businesses and organisations, and offers a range of services including visitor information and a café.

The community venue is not run by the local council. Throughout the year, we have to earn enough money to pay the bills. This means that every pound spent in the building helps to keep the doors open!
By becoming a Friend you are investing in your local community venue and together we can make sure that Wem Town Hall is a venue that you can be proud of!

What will it cost?
We know that family budgets are squeezed so we have set the annual subscription at what we believe to be an affordable level. Being a Friend costs just £12 a year for an individual or £20 for a joint membership.

How do I join?
Please fill in an application, which you can access by Clicking here. All you have to do is drop in, or post your form to us at Wem Town Hall with payment and we will get you signed up right away so you can start using your benefits immediately. We can accept payments by cash, credit/debit card and cheques made payable to Wem Town Hall Community Trust.

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