1995- 2005
Following the fire that destroyed the original Town Hall in 1995, the building was re-built and re-opened in 2000. After just five years, the building was forced to close save for its weekly use for the Wem Market.
2005 – Present
The closure of the building generated a series of emergency meetings held within the community, leading to the establishment of the local charity Wem Town Hall Community Trust. Simultaneously, Thomas Adams School had extended its programme beyond school based learning and had earned respect for its outward looking and innovative approach to the delivery of the community and specialist arts programme.
In September 2006, the Trust and the School joined forces, and with support from Advantage West Midlands, the Town, District and County Councils the building finally re-opened in 2009.
In 2014, after 5 years of working closely with the School to run the building, Wem Town Hall Community Trust took over full responsibility for operations, and continues to work with support from Shropshire Council and Wem Town Council, along with a wide range of partners.
An innovative, high quality, yet community based programme, sited at the very heart of the community, Wem Town Hall, a centre for Arts, Learning, Community and Enterprise.

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