Wem Town Hall’s Favourite Wallace and Gromit Moments


It’s nearly Halloween! Nothing gets you more in the mood for a spooky Halloween than watching some hide-behind-the-sofa-movies and we’ve chosen our favourite family friendly movie this Halloween – Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were Rabbit! Screened at Wem Town Hall on 30th October, this is the perfect film to keep the little pumpkins (and their adults) entertained this half term!


But to get us in the mood, here are a few of WTH’s favourite moments with the cheese-loving duo!


5. A Grand Day Out

The moon is made of cheese! We all knew it and the illustrious duo prove it when they build a rocketship in their back garden and go for an atmospheric day out above the Earth. But this cheese tastes like nothing Wallace has ever come across before.

Wallace-and-Gromit-grand day out

4. A Matter of Loaf and Death

Wallace and Gromit’s bakery business is the ‘toast of the town’ but when local bakers begin to disappear Wallace becomes in ‘knead’ of saving by his silent best friend. Cue balloon chase and fork-lift driving poodles.


3. The Wrong Trousers

If you’re ever in need of dastardly disguise, what better way is there than to stick a glove on your head and pretend you’re a chicken! The cunning Feather McGraws nearly pulls off the perfect crime when Wallace invents some dog-walking trousers (we could all do with some of them!). We love the epic train chase around the kitchen furniture!

 wrong trousers

2. A Close Shave

Never mind counting sheep, how about motorbike riding sheep?! Wallace and Gromit must save Shaun the Sheep from a woolly situation with Preston the psychopathic metal dog.

a close shave
  1. The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

A wonderfully fuzzy take on the old cliché horror stories in which a garden gnome is the frontier of high tech home security and the cheese loving Wallace gets more than he bargains for when he tries to truly understand the mind of vegetable destroying rabbits.




 Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit is on Friday 30th October at 2pm. Book your tickets here.





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