A first look at Family Theatre Hairy Fairy Tails


Think you now your fairy tales? Think again!

The masterminds behind The Mighty Prince and Other Fabulous Tales bring a new furry slant on the well known fables using rhyme, song, music, puppetry, mime and magical transformations!

Meet Hettie – she’s a glam goat that won’t be taking any nonsense from Roger the Rock N’ Roll Troll.


A pegmechanism puppet, Hettie was inspired by the lonely goatherd in the movie The Sound of Music!

Rapunzel’s sick of people going on about her hair so she takes matters into her own hands. Janet rescues Tomlin from the wild woodland fairies by giving him a cuddle – even when he turns into a wolf, a snake and a burning stick. Goldilocks and the three bears are on a mission to save the trees…

“We gotta save the trees
And here’s the reason why
We need the air to breathe
Or everything will die
We gotta have some care
For all those lovely bears
We gotta save all the trees.

Three bears, one girl
We gonna change the world

We’re down on bended knees
Everybody please
Come on we’re gonna save all the trees

Save ‘Em!”

The stories offer simple life lessons for girls and boys; be yourself, be kind, be open minded and be brave. Fabulous furry fun for all. Performed by Tessa Bide from Arnold’s big Adventure, this is a great piece of family friendly theatre that adults should enjoy every bit as much!

Tickets: Adults £8, Children £6, Family Ticket £26 (2 Adults & 2 Children) Suitable for ages 3+

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