SPY – What 5 Gadgets Would You Take On A Mission?

Saturday July 30th, 2016

SPY comes to Wem Town Hall soon! Spy movies and all of their spoofs are never without an incredible collection of gadgets that are completely out of the ordinary, and the clip below suggests that SPY will be no exception.

Here’s our top 5 movie gadget suggestions for your next mission, just in case!

1. The Copter hat in Inspector Gadget – no more holdups on the motorway!

inspector_gadget_copter_hat2. Corrosive spot cream in Stormbreaker – better not get that mixed up!

stormbreaker3. James Bond’s Third Nipple in The Man with the Golden Gun – masterful disguise Bond!

bond third nipple4. Squid Gun in Despicable Me – well what else would you use as a gun?!

vector_despicable_me5. Umbrella in Kingsman The Secret Service – never leave home without one!


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