Alternative Strands

Friday 9th September – Thursday 27th October

Mon-Sat 9am-3pm

Ruth Duffy and Lindsay Fellowes are two mixed media textile artists who have joined together as  ‘Alternative Strands’. In this exhibition they present their individual explorations using the working title of “Erosion and Resilience”.  They tell their stories through print, paint, thread, stitch, fabric and frankly anything else that fits.


More about the artists:

Lindsay Fellowes

Lindsay is a mixed media textile artist currently living in Staffordshire . She has recently completed a Foundation portfolio degree year at Hereford College of Art which broadened her outlook on art. Her work is inspired by form, structure, lines and edges from both manmade and natural worlds. She tends to experiment with ideas and see where they lead rather than plan her work. She enjoys using hand and free machine stitching, freely applied, to give her work additional texture. Her recent work has involved experimenting with and incorporating print making.Lindsay is concerned by issues related to climate change and her current working title of ‘Erosion’ was inspired by many visits to a the Suffolk coast. She punctuates her work with many cups of Earl Grey tea!


Ruth Duffy

Ruth Duffy is a textile artist currently living in Shropshire but she draws on her Irish heritage for inspiration  – the sea and hills of Inishowen in County Donegal, County Down and County Dublin are regularly depicted in her work. Hand stitch techniques give her great enjoyment, however she has recently been exploring print making and introducing it into her pieces which she feels adds a new aspect to her creativity.

We have all had challenges over the last few years and for Ruth they have led her to think more deeply about her own life, explore her own resilience and ability to spring back. This is reflected in her work and thus her current working title of “Resilience”.


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