‘Transforming Wem’ by Ellesmere Watercolourists

Thursday June 27th, 2019
Duration: Thursday 6th June- Thursday 27th June

Over the last 6 years the group have exhibited widely across Shropshire. Their work experiments with watercolour techniques such as the use of ‘Quink ink’ with watercolour and Chinese brush work and through a range of subjects: War Poets of WW1, Haiku poetry, Chinese Landscape in ink, Wildlife of The Mere.

This year the group takes as their subject the streets and buildings of Wem and experiments with the use of colour and free techniques: ‘Transforming Wem’. The everyday is seen in a new light. The mundane, a familiar building, becomes more exotic. Quirky, dramatic and beautiful edifices are uncovered in these familiar Shropshire streets.

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